Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekly Update: Scientific Advancements and a Touch of Forestry

     And we're back with another hobby update! (Studio audience cheers halfheartedly...) I have exams this week for university, so the progress is pretty light. Honestly it's a miracle that I have anything to show, let alone the time to throw any kind of post. That being said, this week's update will seem even more rushed than usual. My apologies for that, but I've also got some big things planned for next week, so make sure to check in! This week focused on more of the Marian Science Division and some new terrain which I'm particularly pleased with.

     So another five Science Division miniatures down, five left (including Wrex). There's not a whole lot to say about these guys. My one criticism for these models is that once you mix the unit with the Bug Handlers, it's hard to tell which ones are supposed to be which. It'll be in the rules somewhere, but it would be nice if it was a little more clear. I might make some kind of a unique feature to distinguish them later. 

I'm a fan of the Science Division face-masks. It's a cool detail that really differentiates them from other Martians and adds some character to the figures. 

The Science Division heavy weapon Martian is one of my favourite figures in the entire Mars Attacks! miniatures line. He's got an excellent pose and a cool gun.

The cable reminded me of painting the old school plastic Skaven tails from Games Workshop. 

     I've been looking at historicals more and more lately, so I decided to make some terrain for a generic forest environment for future games of interest and double as Venusian Jungle terrain for Warzone Resurrection. I used old CD's for the bases, insulation foam for the rocks, and then Woodland Scenics trees. I also threw in some Army Painter Ivy which I was especially pleased with. Out of any of the scenics products used here, I think the ivy made the most significant aesthetic difference.

     And to finish things up, I started working on the Burning Cattle piece for Mars Attacks. I'm not crazy about the three cows being a single model, but the figure is so much better than the cardboard cutout that comes in the base game.

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