Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Ghostbusters Cometh

        So it's no secret that I'm an advocate of Kickstarter. Since the delivery of Mars Attacks! by Mantic Games, I've been trying to find another Kickstarter campaign that would scratch the same itch and today I think I finally have. Cryptozoic Entertainment launched their Ghostbusters: The Board Game Kickstarter and I have to say, I really like it. While it's a board game, it comes with a ton of plastic miniatures that I look forward to painting (based on the demo images shown so far, they look pretty good).

*Minor side point- Some of the ghosts look they would make excellent Tzeentch Horrors, depending on the actual size of the figures.

     The art style is very cartoony and may turn away some potential buyers, but I think if you're a fan of the movies, this game is something that would appeal to you. They've launched with an ambitious goal of $250,000. Comparing this to Mars Attacks! which closed at over $550,000, I'm confident that this game will fund.

     A lot of the discussion surrounding the game has been about the Add-Ons currently available, which are (at the time that this was written) just the models from the base game with a different coloured plastic and the rules for an "Impossible Mode". For the additional costs, it would be nice to at least see different poses or additional minor details on the figures. Another concern has been about the Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer figures, which are a Kickstarter Exclusive and are only available in the very pricey Retailer Bundle, while many other supporters would like to buy them as well. Finally there is also a lot of chatter about the shipping costs being too high, which I think is the most prominent concern as they were quite surprising. (I'll have to pay $30 USD to ship to Canada, while some other folks in Europe will have to pay as much as $45!) Cryptozoic has promised an update soon, and I'm hoping this will lay many of the concerns to rest.

      I'm anxious for the Add-Ons to start up in the near future. For the $125 Mass Hysteria Bundle, I think the Add-Ons will determine whether it's actually worth the cost in the end. That being said, I only care about these issues because I want this game to be awesome. This is a neat product which I want to see more of, and eventually I would really like to paint up the Ghostbusters. Fingers crossed, and lets hope it all works out for the best.

What are your thoughts on this Kickstarter campaign? Post below in the comments section, or tell me on Twitter (Nothing But Sixes @nothingbutsixes). Thanks for reading! 


  1. I haven't jumped in yet. But I'm super interested in it.

    I worry about the Impossible mode stuff as well and if an entire mode is KS exclusive then I might just end up passing on it.

    I think it could be a cool game, based on concept. But I really need to see some gameplay before I toss in.

  2. I agree with you on the gameplay. Some people are worried about it just being a reskin of Zombicide and others think the gameplay might just suck all on its own. Personally, I'm somewhat concerned about the latter, but having never played Zombicide, a reskin wouldn't bother me too much. Luckily Cryptozoic has promised a gameplay video in the next couple of days, and they gave a brief (though somewhat vague) description of gameplay in the update.