Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nothing But Painting: Plus-Sized Update

     After a minor hiatus of hobby updates due to the nagging demands of life, I've built up a backlog of progress to post. Now that I have some proper time to photograph and post the pictures, here we go: 

     First up is a Martian Attack Saucer for Mars Attacks! The Miniatures Game. It's a great model and the flat, plain surface begs to be airbrushed. If you want to magnetize the weapons and pilot options, 1/16 inch rare earth magnets are an effective size. Be warned if you decide to go this route, as it is quite time consuming due to the amount of options you have. If nothing else, I would strongly recommend at least magnetizing the pilots so you can switch between Pilot Joe and the two Martian options. The weapons hold in place without magnets, but you may want to use them just to be safe. 

    Next up are the Stealth Martians. I wasn't crazy about the colour scheme, but I wanted them to match the models in the rulebook. There's still some work to do on the base details (ie. the teddy bear and the brick pile), but I think they look alright so far. I chose to use a gloss varnish on the red parts of their uniforms to make it a little more visually interesting. I based the read parts of their uniforms with Khorne Red and then gradually mixed in lighter tones for subsequent layers for a more gradual effect than traditional edge highlighting. This scheme also does a good job of breaking up the sea of blue uniforms among the Martian models that I've painted.

The Stealth Martian Commander is definitely my favourite of the five figures. 

The helmets add some nice variety to the Martian range of miniatures. 

     Keeping with the apparent theme of Mars Attacks! progress for this update, I've started working on two of the Martian Big Stompy Robots. These are still in very early stages of painting, but I'm happy with the work on them so far and I look forward to finishing them off. 

     I've also been working my way through an Imperial Corporation Starter Box for Warzone Resurrection. I'm a huge fan of the models for this game, especially the Imperial line. I wanted to paint the banner with vibrant colours to draw viewers' eyes to the officer as a centrepiece miniature among the otherwise drab collection of Trenchers.

A view from the opposite side. The banner will likely need some straightening in hot water if you pick up one of these boxes. 

     Lastly, I have some hasty pictures I took at the last second this morning to show some more work-in-progress models:

I've started working on the Science Division Martians for Mars Attacks!, and I'm considering posting a tutorial for them once I've finalized my colour scheme.

I painted these gribblies with the colour scheme that was used in the artwork from the Mars Attacks! cards. If you decide to go this route for your Mutant Spiders, be very careful when applying the black paint. It will be incredibly difficult to cover if you get it on the yellow areas. 

A side view of the Spiders. The I used Vallejo Game Air Moon Yellow for the basecoat and painted the stripes on with the Vallejo Ultramarine Airbrush Primer. 


  1. The Games Workshop yellow base paints are really good at covering black - even if it's the wrong tone of yellow for what you're doing, getting the right tone of yellow is going to be a lot easier from a slightly wrong yellow base!

  2. Right on! I haven't tried any of their newest yellows yet. I have a resin taxi terrain piece for MA, so I might pick up one of their yellow paints for that.

    1. I'm using "Averland Sunset", which seems to be covering black nicely. It's at the darker, duller end of the yellow spectrum, but it's a good base to then work your thinner, lighter paints up from.