Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mars Attacks! Hobby Update: Humanity Resists

     Unfortunately I missed last week's blog post due to a busy work schedule overlapping with exams and end of semester projects. This break however did allow me to take some time off of hobbying and reinvigorated my motivation to paint. If you recall from last time, I was almost done the figures from the Mars Attacks! Starter Set. This past week, I finished up the heroes and started on the figures from the Humanity Resists expansion set. The expansion figures actually look a lot better than those from the base game. I'm not sure if they're just better designed or the early runs of the starter set had some room for improvement. Regardless, they were a joy to paint up. The flatbed trucks in particular didn't even require instructions. I assembled both of them in about ten minutes and they minimal mold lines. I also magnetized the machineguns on the. I haven't painted the light bars yet, but I'll post some pictures when I finish those up as well.

Buddy is definitely my favourite of the hero scuplts I've painted so far. There's a lot of character to the figure. 

That being said, I love the pose they used for Eva. It looks like an image right out of one of the IDW comics.

I used the Vallejo Air Primer, Skeleton Bone as the base colour of the trucks. They were weathered used various shades of darker greys lightly applied with a soft sponge. Be careful not to over-do the sponging technique, but if you do, you can used the same technique to sponge the Skeleton Bone over the excess grey. 

I base coated the windows with the Vallejo Air Ultramarine Blue Primer, and then gradually blended it with Electric Blue from the same line. It looks good and it's a quick way to paint the windows. I'll be applying this same technique to the windows on the ruins later on. Also make sure the white for the reflection lines isn't too bright. I'd recommend using a diluted white paint for this detail.

I haven't decided what to do with the plates yet. I'm thinking about applying some of the Flames of War German decals to them. The numbers for the sides of vehicles at the 15mm scale would fit nicely on the plates. 

The Martian Marines have much crisper details than the grunts did. These were great figs to paint and I look forward to painting more of them this week. 

I don't know much of the story behind this Blaine character, but he's a pretty cool looking miniature. It's like Tom Hardy's Bane plus Predator outfitted with Mass Effect gear. 

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