Monday, November 17, 2014

Hobby Update and the Dark Symmetry

     So I was working on the tutorial for the Mars Attacks! US Troopers when my camera bit the dust before I could upload the images taken during the painting process (I'm blaming the Dark Symmetry for the time being). Unfortunately, this means I can't put up the tutorial this week, but at least I can give you guys some images of what I've been working on lately. Thanks for your patience as I try and sort out these issues.

I've finished up my first ten US Troopers. These figures were tons of fun to paint and were packed with well-scuplted, crisp detail. Definitely my favourite minis in the Mars Attacks! starter set.

I based my colour scheme on the soldiers' uniforms in this wonderful bit of Mars Attacks! artwork. 

I decided to paint the soldiers with amber lenses for their ballistic eyewear. 

A WIP shot of General Tor. I'm still working on the robes, but all in all I'm pleased with how the figure looks painted. 

I'm almost done the starter set terrain, but I haven't finalized how I want to paint the windows yet. Any ideas or thoughts for the best way to paint them?

I've also put in an order for the Warzone Resurrection rulebook and the Imperial Starter Set, so look forward to some Warzone content in the coming months. 

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